Learning Tech’s History

There is national as well as international need for and interest in systematic and applied research focusing on production, assessment and use of analogue and digital instructional materials.

Ever since its creation in 2007, the Danish National Knowledge Centre for Learning Resources, Læremiddel.dk, has worked to develop and refine technical terminology on learning materials and to present a didactics of learning resources – focusing especially on didactic application of IT and technology. Furthermore, the research centre has tasked itself with collecting and communicating national and international research on learning resources.

That is why Læremiddel.dk from 2008 to 2015 published the journal Læremiddeldidaktik, featuring articles on different types of learning resources research, project reporting and theory development.

From Læremiddeldidaktik to Learning Tech

In the autumn of 2015, the journal was accepted on the Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) authority list. At the same time, the journal changed its name to Learning Tech – Journal of learning resources, didactics and technology, thereby directing its content focus on technologies applied within learning and teaching. With Learning Tech the journal became an actual research journal focusing on the publication of research articles subject to formalised peer review processes.

Learning Tech aims to publish high-quality research on learning resources and didactic application of technology – from a broad technology perspective. 

As the journal’s English title suggests, international researchers are invited to submit articles for the journal, and the vision is for Learning Tech to be published in English only, becoming a reference for learning resources researchers internationally.