Submission in OJS

Learning Tech is published on the publishing platform Open Journal Systems (OJS) through This means a good visibility of the journal on the internet and the opportunity to search directly in the journal’s content at article level both on and in large search catalogs = [international science data bases] such as ERIC, DOAJ, EBSCO and Scopus. In addition, OJS contributes to a good workflow throughout the editorial and peer review process.

When uploading articles in OJS, you must be aware that the abstract, the article itself, and the reference list must be uploaded separately. You must upload two versions of your article: an anonymized version and a non-anonymized version. If you are in doubt about how to anonymize a Word file, follow this guide from Microsoft.

Guidelines and preparation for uploading articles

When you upload your manuscript on, you will be asked to confirm various matters about your article. Therefore, before uploading, make sure that:

  • the manuscript has not previously been published, nor has it been sent to another journal in order to be considered for publication (or that an explanation has been given under the comment field ‘Comments to the Editor’).
  • the script file is in an OpenOffice, Microsoft Word, or RTF-document file format. You ensure this by using our article template.
  • you have complied with APA-style in your references and have produced your reference list correctly.
  • All references in the bibliography are mentioned in the article and vice versa.
  • URLs and DOIs are specified for the references where available. Use this tool to upload your complete reference list and have it returned with all available DOIs: Simple Text Query.
  • your abstract does not exceed 150 words. If it is longer, edit before uploading.
  • you have entered 3-5 keywords.
  • you have checked your manuscript for spelling and typing errors as well as grammatical errors.
  • you have been given permission to use copyrighted images, graphics etc. in your article.
  • you have complied with the Personal Data Act and the Copyright Act. If problems arise in this regard, we reserve the right to withdraw the article.

You can submit both your abstract and your article itself by registrating in OJS or log in (if you are already registered). You upload your manuscript HERE.